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VizChoice – Privacy policy

This document presents the privacy policy relating to the VizChoice service, published by the company Viznet.

About Viznet and VizChoice

Viznet is the publisher of the VizChoice solution, an advertising platform for addressable television, connected television and video advertising.

VizChoice connects TV advertising solutions to digital advertising solutions, AdServer and SSP.

VizChoice receives information related to users of video services from our publisher partners. This information is used for personalized advertising, reporting linked to the distribution of advertisements, and technical analyzes.

Viznet is located at 67 rue Saint-Jacques, 75005 Paris. 

For questions regarding this privacy policy, please contact us at:

Data collection

VizChoice receives requests for advertising decisions and tracking calls from its video service publisher partners. These advertising decision requests and tracking calls may contain information relating to users of video services from our publisher partners.

VizChoice transmits requests for advertising decisions and tracking calls to its business partners. These requests for advertising decisions and tracking calls may contain information relating to users of video services from our publishing partners.

This information may contain in particular identifiers from cookies from our publisher partners or advertising identifiers collected by our publisher partners (advertising identifier of the terminal or advertising identifier of the user). 

VizChoice does not set cookies.

The response to advertising decision requests is a decision to display one or more advertisements.

The purpose of tracking calls is to monitor the display of advertisements, and to resolve anomalies.

The information relating to the users processed is as follows:

  • Terminal IP address
  • Advertising identifier of the Terminal (such as IDFA, ADID, etc.)
  • Advertising identifier of the user
  • User Agent
  • Consent
  • Content and Advertisements viewed

This information may be present in:

  • Advertising Decision requests 
  • Tracking calls 

Advertising requests contain information relating to the nature of the video content (Channel, Content, Category of content, etc.).

Tracking calls contain information relating to the viewing of advertisements.

The Advertising Identifier of the Device and / or of the user allows at AdServer / SSP level an association with audience segments. 

These audience segments can be shared by VizChoice publisher partners. Audience segments can contain personal information and location of users. The IP address of the Device allows to know the location of the user.

Information relating to users may be shared by VizChoice with commercial partners (AdServer or SSP), as part of the transmission of advertising decision requests and / or tracking calls.

Purposes and legal bases

VizChoice processes personal data for the following purposes and with the following legal bases:


Legal basis

Store and / or access information from a device


Select a standard advertisement

Consent / Legitimate interest

Select targeted advertisements


Measure performance of an advertisement

Consent / Legitimate interest

Develop and improve the product

Consent / Legitimate interest


Retention period

All information is kept for a maximum period of 30 days, in order to develop and improve the product.

The data intended for reporting does not contain personal data, and in particular:

  • does not contain IP addresses
  • contain hashed advertising identifiers
  • contain geographic information is kept at country or postal code level

Update of the privacy

Viznet may update its privacy policy.

Viznet website – Privacy Policy

About Us is a French company, based in Paris, which offers solutions for television channels, operators, agencies and advertisers to digitalize TV advertising. Viznet is published by the company Viznet, domiciled  67 rue Saint-Jacques, 75005 Paris, under the identification number 834 425 415 RCS Paris.

Confidentiality Commitment

We understand that your information is confidential and treat them like that. is committed to never sharing this information with anyone except our customers. We reserve the right to use the aggregated information in particular in the context of campaign to promote our different products and technologies.


A cookie is a small text file in alphanumeric format deposited on the user’s hard drive by the server of the visited site or by a third party server (advertising authority, web Analytics service, etc.). We use the latter to be able to follow the necessary metrics for our different products.

What information we collect

The information we collect is the following: Web browser Type The URL of provenance geolocation information the values placed in the cookies we ask we do not collect any information that would identify who Is. We do not record the IP. We categorically refuse to register the names, forenames, email addresses that our different partners could provide.

Change in Privacy Policy

Please note that we can change our privacy policy at any time without notifying you. Any change will be effective immediately. We encourage you to come regularly to check any possible changes that have been made in relation to your previous visit.

Contact us

If you have any questions about our Privacy policy, you can contact us here:

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75005 Paris