BlindSpot is the first product that allows to follow in real time a broadcasted linear TV campaign via an AdServer, as in digital advertising. This is an essential tool to prepare addressable TV advertising.

With BlindSpot, it is possible to choose which TV commercials to follow digitally, to choose the tracking server and to associate these TV campaigns with digital campaigns in the AdServer.

With this solution, linear TV campaigns on all connected environments can be measured in real-time in the channel or advertiser’s AdServer with the digital campaigns.

For Television Channels

Thanks to Blindspot, a channel can improve the tracking of linear advertisements in a simple way. It allows channels to be prepared for the changeover to addressable TV by having a fine knowledge of their addressable inventory. BlindSpot connects the linear TV campaign management system with the AdServer and allows channels to work on the construction of addressable TV advertising offers and predict the resulting revenue impact.

For Telecom Operators

BlindSpot allows telecoms operators to offer channels and advertisers the ability to connect their AdServers to operator- delivery environments (set-top box, OTT), enabling linear advertisement measurement.

For Advertisers

Advertisers and agencies get a real-time measurement of the broadcast of their campaign in linear TV in all connected environments. In addition, this data is consolidated in their AdServer with digital campaign information.

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