LTN Connect

Viznet is the distributor of “LTN Connect” through a partnership agreement with LTN, an American company pioneering broadcast technologies.

LTN Connect automates dynamic contextual and addressable ad insertion.

LTN Connect works with current TV broadcasting systems to enable the entire linear advertising inventory to be targeted on all broadcast platforms (IPTV, Cable, OTT, Digital) without changing the current broadcast infrastructure or streams.

LTN Connect helps turn the whole broadcasters‘ inventory into “addressable ready” inventory.

LTN Connect recognizes advertisements in a video stream, knows the duration of each advertisement and slot and knows where to place each addressable advertisement.


LTN Connect works for all types of TV inventory (e.g., linear, VoD), does not require a change of workflow or infrastructure, and integrates with existing systems (Playout Automation, Media Asset Management, Order Management & Trafficking Solutions) and third-party databases for additional metadata.

Metadata can be transmitted to the insertion and advertising decision systems in any format: in-band via the SCTE 104/35, out-of-band using LTN Connect’s VidTime fingerprint and LTN metadata Cloud, or through a custom API. In addition, some metadata can be transmitted in advance, using SCTE 224 or any custom format, which leaves more time for advertising decision-making systems to optimize dynamic insertion.

The metadata extracted by LTN Connect can also be used to “condition” the linear flow for manifest manipulation.

Download LTN Connect White Paper