Target in Catch-up

MindSpot allows you to target households with no or limited exposure for specific television advertising campaigns via catch-up services. MindSpot is a solution that increases the reach of a campaign while controlling its frequency.

With MindSpot, it is possible to connect a channel’s AdServer with campaign exposure data, campaign by campaign and household by household, while protecting personal data.

For television channels

MindSpot allows television channels to create advertising solutions mixing linear TV and catch-up TV for their advertisers, particularly via set-top box. It enables catch-up campaigns to activate based on exposure data in linear TV. An advertiser is able to target , via catch-up, households with low exposure in linear TV, or broadcast different and complementary TV spots to the households that are sufficiently exposed in linear TV.

For telecom operators

With MindSpot, telecom operators can provide television channels with information relating to advertising in linear TV without sharing personal information, allowing an optimal advertising decision in catch-up on the channel’s AdServer.