VizChoice, the only ad optimizer for Addressable TV and Connected TV

Viznet has built VizChoice, a unique Dynamic Ad Insertion optimizer for Addressable TV and Connected TV.

VizChoice maximises the value of the linear ad break or VOD ad inventory by connecting multiple sources to retrieve the highest revenue for each ad break. Our revenue algorithm improves monetisation by 20 to 30% versus our competitors.

If you are a video publisher (live, linear TV and VOD), we are able to connect your Set Top Boxes, Connected TV and Digital (mobile, desktop) advertising inventory to the demand sources. We have a unique technology that avoids ads repetition in the same ad break, and maximising revenues based on a real time calculation of the CPM per second.

As a publisher, you will have access to the real time VizChoice dashboard in order to track performance and monitor the revenues.

VizChoice for Addressable TV

VizChoice is a customizable Ad Proxy connected to Network operator’s Set Top Box and Publisher’s AdServer. VizChoice receives Ad Calls from the network operator, receives scheduling information from the TV broadcasting scheduler and is connected to the TV publisher Ad Server.

VizChoice for Connected TV

VizChoice receives Ad Calls from Connected TV and is connected to the demand sources in order to increase programmatic revenues and fill rate of your ad inventory, VizChoice can connect to any SSP, DSP or AdServer in VAST, OpenRTB or prebid.

With VizChoice for Addressable TV, Publishers keep control of their inventory and build the first step for Programmatic advertising.

Some use case example / Client showcase:

  • Qwest TV is publishing three connected TV channels, Qwest Jazz, Qwest Mix and Qwest Classic available via Samsung TV+, the Samsung connected TV App. Qwest is using VizChoice as a video advertising optimizer. Via VizChoice, Qwest is connected to more then ten demand sources like SpotX, Freewheel, Smartclip, Xandr. With our revenue algorithm, we maximise Ad Breaks revenue for Qwest
  • Canal + is also one of our clients. VizChoice for Addressable is connected to Network operator like Bouygues Telecom and is doing the connection between Set Top Boxes, network operators platform, the Canal+ TV programming scheduler and Canal+ Ad Server