Press release

Viznet and SoFAST Strengthen Collaboration to Revolutionize Streaming Advertising Technologies

Las Vegas, March 16, 2024

Viznet, a pioneering force in consulting and developing advertising technologies for online video, addressable TV, and connected TV, proudly announces the deepening of its strategic partnership with SoFAST, a leading player in creating, distributing, and monetizing FAST (Free Ad-supported Streaming Television) channels.

Since April 2023, Viznet and SoFAST have been working hand in hand to transform the landscape of streaming advertising. Together, they have seamlessly integrated VizChoice, Viznet’s innovative advertising technology platform, as the Pod Builder & Optimizer via SSAI integration for SoFAST’s extensive network of over 500 FAST channels on Connected TV platforms like Samsung TV, TCL, Hisense Vidaa, Xiaomi, and more.

VizChoice, designed to unify premium linear and AVOD video inventories across various devices, has enabled SoFAST to enhance its advertising monetization strategies. It provides advertisers unparalleled targeting capabilities while maximizing revenue for content creators and distributors.

“This collaboration reaffirms our commitment to driving innovation and excellence in the streaming advertising industry,” said Stephane Bismuth, Co-Founder of Viznet. “Since partnering with SoFAST in April 2023, we’ve witnessed tremendous synergies between our technologies, empowering both companies to deliver exceptional advertising experiences to viewers worldwide.”

“Our continued collaboration with Viznet underscores our dedication to delivering top-tier entertainment experiences through cutting-edge advertising solutions,” said Yanai Arfi, Founder and CEO at SoFAST. “Together, we’re reshaping the future of streaming advertising, providing advertisers with unprecedented targeting capabilities while ensuring maximum monetization opportunities for content creators.”

About Viznet: Viznet is a leading consultancy and developer of advertising technologies for online video, addressable TV, and connected TV. With its flagship product, VizChoice, Viznet empowers content creators, distributors, and advertisers to maximize revenue and engagement in the digital streaming landscape.

About SoFAST: As it is derived from TV content production and premium channel distribution on cables and satellites, SoFAST specializes in FAST Business. Their key competencies include channel creation, graphic studio services, broadcast cloud playout, TV distribution, monetization strategies, and TV applications and OTT platforms. With a comprehensive offering and a portfolio of over 580+ channels broadcasted on various streaming platforms worldwide, SoFAST delivers top-tier entertainment experiences. website: