VizChoice Vast Validator

Too many direct or programmatic video advertising campaigns are not or poorly distributed because of VAST responses that do not comply with publisher specifications. These specifications continue to become more complex to adapt to all devices (Box, CTV, PC, Mobile, etc.) and to comply with video Apps from Telecom operators, streaming platforms, etc.

VizChoice Vast Validator aims to ensure the proper execution of your campaigns and the implementation of your confidentiality policy through control and self-correction of Creatives before and during the distribution of campaigns

VizChoice - Vast Validator

Automating the analysis and validation of VAST Creatives

  • Define and Configure your Privacy Policy & Technical Specifications
  • Connect via API to the clearance authorities ( ClearCast, ARPP,..)

AdServer integration via API and/or AdCall

  • FreeWheel, Google AdManager, Equativ or others AdServer integration in order to get the creatives

Control of all Creatives

  • Direct and Programmatic

Detection of Creatives that do not comply with the Privacy Policy via:

  • Configuring your privacy policy (Authorized Vendors / Blocked Vendors)
  • The determination for each Creative of all trackers and Vendors associated

Detection of Creatives that do not comply with the technical and ethical specifications of each video context via:

  • Setting up your technical specifications for each broadcast environment
  • Determination for each Creative of sound intensity information, presence of VPAID, OMID, SIMID, detection of Visibility partners, presence of a clearance code

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