Video Ad Pod Builder & Optimizer

Our video Ad Pod Builder & Optimizer is a solution designed to optimize video advertising revenue by integrating with multiple sales platforms (SSPs) simultaneously. Its algorithm builds an optimized AdPod, while guaranteeing compliance with business rules such as the management of competing advertisers.

Optimise Ad Pods revenues

Integrate easily multiple SSPs

  • Pre-integration with Freewheel, Magnite, Xandr, Equativ SSPs'
  • Addition by configuration of SSPs specific to each publisher
  • Add the SSPs of your choice in each countries
  • Create & Manage competitions between your SSPs
Keep control of your inventory monetisation

Select your demand sources & monitor performances

  • Construction of AdPods optimized at CPM per second.
  • Configurable connection with multiple monetization sources (Ad Servers, SSPs, DSPs).
  • Parallel or sequential calls to monetization platforms.
  • Access to real time revenue dashboard

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