Creative & Content Logistic

The VizChoice Creative & Content logistic function makes it possible to deliver content and programs, video advertisements and associated metadata to operators for the provisioning of Addressable TV,  VOD, Replay & Catch up.

VizChoice - Creative & Content Logistic

Confidently deliver your creatives to Telecom operators

  • Our solution for Addressable TV, Replay & Catch up is efficient, simple & fast for creatives provisioning

Receive delivery confirmation

  • Controlled distribution of users, content and advertising metadata
  • VizChoice enables control and sharing of your sensitive data

Share content metadata

  • Transmit metadata to AdServers and SSPs to enable them to activate contextual targeting

Ready for change ?

Our team can help you design innovative solutions dedicated to digital video advertising, including boxes, connected TVs, Linear TV, Avod & Fast Channels.

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